Advocacy Alliance Policy Conference


    In order to develop its legislative platform, the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, through its Issues Management Council, conducts research, hears presentations and surveys its members about issues affecting business. These efforts, combined with actively following and monitoring legislative activity since the close of last session, guide efforts in developing the platform for the upcoming session.



  • Sandra Westerman, JD

    Associate Director, Government Affairs and Policy

    Alkermes, Inc.


    Sandra Westerman, a Minnesota native, has nearly two decades of experience practicing in government affairs in both the private and public sector. 


    Fresh out of law school, Sandra started her career in government affairs at the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce.   After a couple years and several active legislative races with the TwinWest Chamber, Sandra left the Chamber for the government affairs teams for Fortune 100 companies US Bank and telecom giant SBC.  She was pulled back into the excitement of the Chamber world in 2000 and served seven years as Vice President of Public Affairs at the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, where she led the Chamber’s Political Action Committee, one of the major players in city elections. 


    In 2007, Sandra was recruited to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office where she served eight years as one of three civilians on Sheriff Rich Stanek’s command staff as Director of Intergovernmental Relations.  In her volunteer time, she managed the finances and served on the executive committee of both of the Sheriff’s re-election campaigns. 


    Sandra is now back in the private sector, doing government affairs & policy in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin, for Alkermes, a bio-pharmaceuticals company specializing in mental health and addiction.   


    Sandra is an elected school board member for Mounds View Schools, where she is serving her second four-year term.  She is married with two children, ages 10 and 12.