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  • MACE Chamber of Commerce Awards
  • MACE Awards Presentation will be held live during 2021 Annual Conference....


    AWARD NOMINATION -- Note Submission Deadline March 15, 2021


    MACE strives to recognize its chamber members who go above and beyond the call of duty to promote their city with new and inventive ideas. These awards are given by the MACE committee as an example of the highest examples of hard work, passion and effort displayed by chamber members across the region.


    If you know a chamber within the MACE region that is deserving of recognition, choose a category below, fill out the form, and nominate them to be recognized at the Annual Conference in May.


    Digital Campaign of the Year 
    Designed to honor inventive media and digital platform content that has shown to push the boundaries of the traditional chamber publication. These awards could include email, websites, banner ads, online marketing, social media, videos and more.


    Show the world what makes digital the wave of the future for quality, originality and engagement that paves the way for other organizations to follow.
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    Event of the Year 
    These awards are presented for an excellent chamber event. The events are judged on criteria such as value to the community and chamber, resonance within their community, ongoing effects and popularity, measurable results and innovation.

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    Executive of the Year
    The executive of the year award is presented to a chamber executive who has demonstrated a vision, commitment and passion for the advancement of their chamber and community as a whole. The nominees in this category have proven to others that they are the “gold standard” in chamber leadership and are proven to have the vision for future chamber members to follow.


    The executive of the year award included nominees from around the six state area and recognizes high ranking chamber members for their giving spirit, many successes and humble attitude. While these leaders take an active role in their communities, they are well respected among their peers, serve on many community boards, and give a helping hand whenever needed.

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    Publication of the Year 
    Awarded for going above and beyond with a chamber publication such as newsletters, e-newsletters, directories and other publications created by MACE members.



    These annual awards recognize a publication that has shown innovation, relevance to the organization, quality content, originality, and audience engagement tactics that provide a benchmark for other organizations to follow.

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    Public Policy of the Year

    The Public Policy of the year award recognizes chambers of commerce that achieve a significant victory in public policy, whether it be as a part of a partnership with others or as the only organization championing a cause.

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    Resilience in the Face of Adversity Award 

    This annual award recognizes a chamber's ability to adapt and lead through a difficult and unforeseen situation (i.e. natural disaster, pandemic, fire, etc.) with a response that demonstrated strength, creativity and leadership.

    How did the organization rise to the occasion of a unique and unexpected happening?

    What can other chambers learn from your success?

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