• MACE Chamber Membership Survey

  • MACE Chamber Membership SurveyWhy Use Membership Surveys


    The MACE Membership survey is taken by your peers throughout the region several times per year. This provides the members that participate a comparison snapshot of what others around them are doing. It also gives them an insight into what programs their members consider important.


    Your participation is a key factor in making this study a valuable regional resource for all other chambers. Your answers will be combined with other MACE region chamber responses to give the best possible information to everyone.


  • Using Your Data

    Strategic Planning: data gives you the best insight into programs that work


    Comparison Data: gives you a look into how your chamber stacks up against your peers


    Marketing: answers directly from your membership lets you know what they value most


    Membership: provide more opportunities for your members to use the programs they find most valuable
    Budget: set your goals and objectives based directly on member responses

    Trends: regional data gives you an insight into how you stack up against the competition


    Let us know you're interested in taking the membership survey, we will review your information and can get started right away.