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  • MACE CHamber Membership Survey

  • MACE Chamber Membership SurveyUsing Your Survey Information


    The MACE Membership survey is a simple to use tool that can glean great information for your organization, but you have to use it correctly to gain the most benefit.


    Our survey description will outline the process and help identify any additional questions you may want to include in the survey. We also require you to list out all the programs and services you would like measured. This way your survey has relevant information about the programs you are currently running.


  • After The Survey

    • Review the PowerPoint and the response data we provide
    • Pay close attention to the regional data that compares your services to the region
    • Use the statistical data to build on the services your members value most
    • Budget your money for programs that have proven worthy
    • Implement the survey on an annual basis to track changes and trends


  • Your participation is a key factor in making this study a valuable regional resource for all other chambers. Your answers will be combined with other MACE region chamber responses to give the best possible information to everyone.


    Let us know you're interested in taking the membership survey, we will review your information and can get started right away.