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  • Guiding Principles


    Following the 2014 Advocacy Alliance Conference, the MACE board approved three guiding principles for the Advocacy Alliance.


    Statement of principles: The Mid-America Chamber Executives Advocacy Alliance believes in advancing our multimodal infrastructure system to support the efficient, safe transportation of goods, services and employees across the region.  We know that a sound transportation system must involve a cohesive and balanced approach that utilizes all modes of transportation—roads, bridges, interstate highways, airports, railroads, inland waterways, transmission lines and pipelines.  The Advocacy Alliance stands ready to advocate for funding that is predictable, sustainable and reasonable; and does not favor one business or industry over another.  We promote timely utilization of new technologies, reasonable regulatory oversight and efficient and speedy permitting.  The Advocacy Alliance believes in supporting transportation policy that drives economic development, enhances business, and protects the environment and our quality of life.



    Statement of Principles:  The Mid-America Chamber Executives Advocacy Alliance believes in the potential of our abundant energy resources for the economic benefit of the region.  We support a common sense strategy to keep our country secure through safe, affordable, reliable extraction and transportation.  Our region has the opportunity to help our country become energy independent and bring an economic renaissance to our communities and states.  All states in the region stand to benefit from direct and indirect investment in affordable energy and ensuring regulatory certainty to leverage the development of the region’s diverse portfolio of energy resources.  We will advocate at the local, state and federal level in support of a fair regulatory process, supportive tax policy, efficient infrastructure systems to quickly move commodities, and in support of the industries that provide the workers, technology and raw materials. 


    Natural Resources

    Statement of Principles:  The Mid-America Chamber Executives Advocacy Alliance believes in protecting and promoting our precious natural resources that make our region unique and highly valuable.  From vast agriculture and agribusinesses; water; forestry; oil, gas, and coal reserves; gold, iron ore, non-ferrous minerals, and silica sand mining operations; wind, solar and renewable fuels industries - the Mid-America region offers abundant opportunities for safe and responsible development of these resources.  Every state in the region shares in these resources and believes the development of them benefit the entire region and our nation through economic investment and job creation. We believe through balanced government oversight, a reliable and predictable regulatory system these natural resources can be farmed, mined, quarried, accessed and fostered for the benefit of generations to come.  We will advocate in support of efficient and appropriate regulatory, legal and tax systems that protect and advance these resources and goals.