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  • MACE Membership Surveys

  • "The data from our membership survey has proven to be invaluable when budget and planning season comes. We use the survey as a way to compare our services, drive membership and form our business plan."


  • MACE knows that chambers of commerce are constantly looking for ways to gauge what their members think. If you are looking to touch base with your membership to identify your chamber’s current strengths and weaknesses, let us know and we will do the work for you. We can help you identify how well your members think you are supporting them and where there’s room for improvement. You’ll also be able to find out how you compare to your peers. MACE Membership Surveys Guage Members


    With the survey data of chamber members from multiple areas you can take a deeper dive into the numbers to see a side-by-side comparison of how you relate to others.

    • Years of regional history to compare yourself
    • View trends in your chamber and the region
    • See data about what your members value


    MACE Membership Surveys Regional Data


    Feedback from your members is extremely important when deciding where to put your budget dollars. With the data presented in the membership survey, you are able to speed up the process by using key information about trends, issues and problems at an early stage. Then over the years you can see your progress in an easy to understand format.

    • Know what your members value
    • See what programs are successful
    • Identify strengths and weaknesses


    MACE Membership Surveys Verify Strengths


    For an organization to grow and thrive, it must continuously collect information. That data can then be used to make decisions about everything from marketing, to funding. Relevant information from your chamber members and comparison to your chamber peers is the single best tool for making decisions based on current trends in the chamber market.   

    • Set goals and objectives based on member responses
    • Custom questions for your chamber
    • Anonymous comments and member information


    MACE Membership Surveys Peer Comparison


    YOU tell us when you want to survey your membership
    YOU customize our 33 question survey with your chamber’s programs and by adding onto it with any of the options below
    WE design your survey
    WE provide you with the message and survey instructions for you to send to your members
    WE collect your data
    WE close the survey after 8 business days
    WE analyze the results
    WE provide you with: a report of your members’ responses with color charts and graphs, and a PowerPoint presentation comparing your data to industry averages

    MACE Membership Surveys Member Values


    Let us know you're interested in taking the membership survey, we will review your information and can get started right away.


  • Pricing


    $370 - Less that 500 members Additional Questions - $25 each
    $420 - 500 - 999 members 3 Additional Questions - $60
    $470 - 1,000+ members 10 Additional Questions - $175
    Cross reference two questions - $25 each
    Raw data spreadsheet - $120