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    The MACE Newsline delivers news and relevant ideas to over 1,000 chamber executives and staff members across the midwest on a weekly basis. The Newsline has increasingly become a watched-for item in email inboxes, with an above industry open rate of 26%. Becoming a MACE Newsline partner puts your message consistently in front of members looking for fresh ideas and unique insights.

    Option - $5,000 annually (limit 3)
    • Lead placement rotates among senior sponsors
    • Large, clickable banner ad placed in every issue of Newsline (50 issues)
    • Opportunity to submit 6 articles or stories annually that highlight your product or how it was successfully
    used by a Chamber

    Individual Issue Sponsor - $100
    • Buy individual ads to promote a specific event, promotion, or just to buy when you need them!
    • A large, clickable banner ad placed in one issue of Newsline


     Inquire about sponsoring the Newsline HERE