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    Founded in 1974, MACE is proud to serve chamber executives in the Upper Midwest by offering professional development opportunities and industry resources. The organization has hosted 39 annual conferences and began conducting a biennial industry compensation and benefits survey in 1997. The weekly Newsline was launched in 2010 in an effort to provide members with the latest chamber news and trends in the six-state area and beyond.

    MACE introduced the Advocacy Alliance in 2014. Interstate regional advocacy is the main focus of the MACE Advocacy Alliance. All policy issues - including energy, agriculture, transportation and interstate commerce, to name a few, affect city, state & regional economies.  At this junction it may be beneficial for local chambers to mobilize their grassroots to advocate on behalf of their constituents. With this in mind the MACE Advocacy Alliance has its greatest benefit. 

    MACE’s past board chairs include:

    Richard H. Good, 1974 and 1975

    John Irelan, 1976

    Larry Waller, 1977

    S.L. “Bud” Olsen, 1978

    Darryl Lee, 1979

    M.J. “Mike” Arts, 1980

    Roger Nygaard, 1981

    Ron Reed, 1982

    A.W. “Doc” Hill, 1983

    DeEtta Hartman, 1984

    Ted Ringhofer, 1985

    Toche Terrones, 1986

    Lynn Anderson, 1987

    Evan Nolte, 1988

    John Campbell, 1989

    Al Silverstein, 1990

    Kathy Feldbrugge, 1991

    Steve Horman, 1992 and 1993

    Tom Moore, 1994

    Teri Ellis Schmidt, 1995

    John MacMartin, 1996

    Michael Brouwer, 1997

    Don Reynolds, 1998

    Mike Normile, 1999

    Jeanine McKenna, 2000

    Dave MacIver, 2001

    Dick Granchalek, 2002

    Tom Kuhlman, 2003

    Karen Anderson, 2004 and 2009

    Dave Smith, 2005 and 2006

    Kelvin Hullet, 2007

    Dave Minor, 2008

    Lisa Langer, 2010

    Kay Breuer, 2011

    Daron VanHelden, 2012

    Andy Peterson, 2013

    Dan Mauk, 2014 

    Ken Warner, 2015

    Scott Meske, 2016

    Robin Anderson, 2017